Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Amazoy Zoysia Sod

Due to continued high demand on our inventory for Amazoy Zoysia plugs,
pallet purchases of sod are once again very limited for 2024.
Please call customer service team at 410-756-2311
to discuss your project and check availability.

Pick-up continues to be preferred and no delivery will be made
beyond 200 miles. A two-week notice is usually required.

Plugs continue to be available, shipping within days of ordering into September
and remain the most economical method to have a beautiful Amazoy Zoysia lawn.

Amazoy Zoysia Sod

The fastest way to have a Zoysia lawn is by laying sod. It will give you all the benefits of Zoysia and is ideal for those who simply can't wait.

Sod is sold by the pallet. Sheets of grass approximately 15 inches by 10 inches are stacked on a pallet for easy handling. Small quantities must be picked up at our farm in Maryland, while larger quantities will require shipping.

See our comparison chart showing sod installation compared to other methods of establishing a Zoysia lawn.

Pickup Quantities

Please contact our customer service at 410-756-2311 to make arrangements. Please allow a minimum 48-hour notice. Pickup is available Monday through Friday only.

Sod (sq-ft)PackageCost+ TaxWeight (pounds)
200½ pallet$400.00$24.001,000 — 1,250
4001 pallet$750.00$45.002,000 — 2,500
8002 pallets$1,200.00$72.004,000 — 5,000
1,2003 pallets$1,600.00$96.006,000 — 7,500
1,6004 pallets$2,000.00$120.008,000 — 10,000

Delivery Quantities

The nature of sod (it's very heavy) makes it impractical to ship over about 200 miles. We therefore have to limit the area where we will ship Amazoy zoysia sod. This includes the following states and regions:
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York (Southern and Long Island only)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
For 2,000 square feet or more, please contact our customer service for a grass and delivery quote by phone at 410-756-2311 or email at sod@zoysiafarms.com. Please allow 2 weeks to arrange delivery details.

Note that all deliveries involve us getting a quote from a trucking company. Estimated cost for shipping is $7-$8 per mile from our Taneytown farm. You will need to arrange for a local forklift to remove pallets from a flatbed truck upon delivery.

Sod planting instructions

Please also see our sod planting instruction sheet for more information.
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