Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Planting Zoysia Seed

Planting Zoysia Seed

Seed should only be planted once temperatures have warmed to above 70 degrees.
  1. Check the pH of your soil. Zoysia prefers pH between 6 and 7.
  2. Kill existing vegetation in lawn with non-selective herbicide. This may take two applications.
  3. Remove all dead grass and weed by scraping, digging, and raking. Remove debris.
  4. Rototill to loosen soil 4 to 8 inches deep.
  5. Level rake the area to be seeded removing any sticks and stones.
  6. Adjust pH if necessary by adding lime or sulfur.
  7. Spread seed using a cyclone or rotary type seeder. For larger areas best to go side to side for a first distribution, then up and down for a second distribution (east-west then north-south).
  8. Lightly rake to get good seed/soil contact.
  9. Lightly add some top soil making sure not to bury seed more than ¼ inch.
  10. Roll area smooth with a drum roller.
  11. To prevent erosion on slopes, it might be necessary to cover those areas lightly with thin layer of straw.
  12. Water seed immediately after planting. Water lightly so as not to cause run off and erosion.
  13. Keep seeds and soil moist. Do not let the ground dry out. Frequent light watering is best and will be necessary particularly in hot or windy weather.
  14. Once the seeds send up green shoots water less often. Zoysia loves sun.
  15. Initial mowing should wait until the Zoysia is 1.5 to 2 inches tall, and take only a minimal amount off (maximum of ½ inch).
  16. Because the soil has been disturbed, some weed seeds in your soil are bound to germinate also. Zoysia will naturally crowed them out, and mowing will help keep them under control and stimulate the Zoysia. If weeds are extreme, use only spot weed killers and with great care. Delay this as long as possible.
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