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South Central

Plano, TX -- Great grass...It is true
"I planted your plugs & planted them every foot. Within 2 years it took off. It is a great grass." --J.P.
Mission, KS -- New lawn area
"Three years ago we moved into a new home, where a tree had been removed in the front yard. At that time I bought 100 plugs from you and have been so pleased with the results." --G.M.
Hurst, TX -- Withstands Texas heat
"Several years ago I purchased from one of your ads. I received the grass and planted it at the bottom portion of our lot that had 3-foot weeds growing in it. I mowed the area and planted the zoysia. I water at the beginning, but then forgot about it and on occasion would go down to mow the lot. Through Texas heat and dry summers. The zoysia had spread and covered 1/3 of the lot and was as green as if I had watered and maintained all along. All this and I started with only about 100 plugs." --L.R.
San Antonio, TX -- Planted in dry clay soil
"We have to say we were skeptical as to whether the grass would work in the very dry and clay-like soil we have in this part of Texas. We have been trying to prefect our lawn for years and nothing worked. Even though we planted zoysia such a short time ago, we are already seeing results, and we are believers. It is really going to work. Thank you." --B.L.
Plano, TX -- It's true
"Everything you say about your zoysia is true." --J.P.
Piggott AR -- I have plugged additional sections
"My family and I planted the plugs and went on vacation. We never watered or tended to it. It was neglected for 3 years until I noticed how green and lush that part of my lawn was. It had survived. From that original area of my yard, I have plugged additional sections. They too are doing well. Thank you for a great product." --T.M.
Beverly KS -- If you need a testimonial for clay soil
"Here it is! Wow I love your grass. I wanted my husband to prep the area with topsoil, well that didn't happen, but I needed to put your grass in the ground. Didn't use fertilizer either. Amazing grass. I can't wait until next year." --J.B.
Boerne TX -- In no time at all the Zoysia spread and thrived in our yard
"We planted your Zoysia in our backyard. We were so worried that it would take forever for the plugs to grow and spread. In no time at all the Zoysia spread and thrived in our yard. Our backyard looked amazing. The Zoysia never had any brown patches like the Bermuda in our front yard. It also did not take much water. It looked beautiful. Friends and neighbors always wanted to know what type of grass we had planted. We loved the Zoysia so much that we planted it again at our new house. We have a beautiful yard with no disease or dead patches. We would highly recommend Zoysia to our friends and family." --R.Z.

Zoysia in the News

Elden Advertiser, MO -- Zoysia needs less water to grow
"To remain actively growing, Missouri lawns may require 1 1/2" inches of water per week. Fescue may take 25 percent less than that and zoysia grass may only need half that." -- Brad Fresenburg of the University of Missouri-Columbia Turfgrass Research Center
Temple Daily Telegram, TX -- Zoysia supports fewer mold spores
"Bermuda supports much higher numbers of allergin mold spores than do the other types of grasses tested. These grasses include St. Augustine, Zoysia and Reveille Hybrid Bluegrass." -- Emily Williams, research associate in plant pathology at Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in Dallas
Johnson County Graphic, AR -- Zoysia does well in Arkansas
"Grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, St Augustine and tall fescue do well in Arkansas, noting that St Augustine does better in the southern part of the state, while tall fescue fared better in north Arkansas." -- Dr. John Boyd, weed scientist for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
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