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Northwest & Plains

Omaha, NE -- Zoysia can take the heat
"I just wanted to let you know that I had plugged my yard several years ago with Amazoy plugs and they are filling in quite nicely. I live in Omaha, Nebraska where the heat index this year has averaged over the 100 degree mark for the past three to four weeks, but your grass doesn't seem to mind the hot temperatures!" -- G.C.
Rochester, MN -- Zoysia thrives in spite of severe winters
"The 100 plugs and plugger were a great investment -- at our latitude, 45 degrees North, our winters are severe, but the grasses continue to spread. Thought you'd enjoy hearing from a pleased customer!" -- C.Z.
Sprague, NE -- Kids love it
"It is just like a thousand dollar carpet. Kids love to tumble on it." -- H.W.
Lincoln, NE -- Still looks fantastic
"My father had put them in our yard in the house I grew up in, and coincidentally that house is now 2 houses away from where I live now and the yard still looks fantastic. " -- S.H.
McCool Junction, NE -- It takes hold
"Three or four years ago we ordered zoysia grass from you two different times and it really took hold and grew. " -- R.A.
Minneapolis, MN -- Even Minnesota winters can't beat zoysia
"We received our order in very good shape. Was planted soon as it arrived. We are very satisfied the way it is growing. It is doing very good. We have had a lot of rain which has made it grow very fast. We recommend it to other people in Minnesota." -- M.K.
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