Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Is Zoysia right for me?

Is Zoysia right for me?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, and the area to be planted receives a minimum of 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day, Amazoy zoysia is right for you!

  • Does your area suffer from drought conditions and water restrictions or watering bans?
    (See the latest U.S. Drought Monitor Map produced by the National Drought Mitigation Center)
  • Would you like to virtually eliminate watering your lawn?
"Amazoy zoysia grass is truly amazing. We put it in a few years ago and everyone in our neighborhood agrees we have the best lawn. Even in the heat of summer it is lush and green without watering." —DR
lush lawn in front of house with palm tree
  • Do you regularly have summer days that exceed 80 degrees in temperature?
  • Do you have slopes and hilly areas that are difficult to grow grass on?
  • Do you want to choke out summer weeds and crab grass without using pesticides?
  • Do you worry about your children or pet's exposure to chemicals?
  • Are you having trouble growing grass in sandy conditions, heavy clay, or stony soil conditions?
  • Do you have difficulty growing grass because of salty air or soil conditions?
  • Do you require grass that will stand up to heavy traffic?
  • Are you looking for a grass that will not produce pollen?
  • Do you need a grass that will survive up to 30 degrees below zero?
  • Do you want to reduce the number of times you cut your grass each month?
  • Would you like the ability to transplant your own plugs to a new area?
  • Do you want a soft, plush lawn that is pleasant to walk on, even in bare feet?

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View a Map showing how many homeowners in the last few years have planted Amazoy Zoysia in your state.

Learn precisely how an Amazoy zoysia lawn will save you days of work and hundreds of dollars every year while conserving thousands of gallons of water.

Annual Water, Time, Work and Cost Comparative
10,000 square foot lawn
(about 1/4 acre)
Typical cool season
faster growing grass
(Kentucky Blue or Rye)
Warm season
slow growing grass
(Amazoy Zoysia)
Mowing Mowing once per week during active growing season = 26 times/year Mowing once per month during 6-month growing season = 6 times/year
Push reel mower No cost (est. 100 hours) No cost (est. 24 hours)
Electric mower at $0.20 per mowing $5 per year (est. 52 hours) $1.20 per year (est. 12 hours)
Gas mower at $2.50 per mowing $65 per year (est. 52 hours) $15 per year (est. 12 hours)
Lawn service at $50 per mowing $1,300 per year $300 per year
Watering To stay green during the heat of summer, multiple weekly waterings are required Does not require watering in a typical summer
Average American home in 2008 spent $413 on water. In summer, 85% of water usage will be on lawns and gardens with sprinkler systems. $350 per year (more if your water bill is above the average) No annual cost
It takes 2,000 gallons to provide 1" of water one time. Over 50,000 gallons annually if watering once a week. No stress on wells or water source
Fertilizing Multi-step program throughout the growing season One time application
Average $40 per application 4 x $40 = $160 per year (est. 4 hours) 1 x $40 = $40 (est. 1 hour)
Weed Control Herbicide Two general applications, plus one spot application One spot application
General application at $35 each 2 x $35 = $70 (est. 2 hours) None required
Spot application spray at $15 per container $15 $15
Total Estimated Annual Cost: $595 - $1,895 $55 - $355
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