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TEXT: Start Enjoying the Benefits of Zoysia!
  • Needs far less water than other grasses
  • Thrives in blistering heat and survives the coldest winters
  • Reduces mowing to once a month or less
  • Chokes out weeds & replaces other grasses
  • Cuts costs and chemicals & naturally resists insects
  • Plugs are excellent for slopes & grow incredibly thick like a carpet, ideal for play and high traffic areas.
Image of a beautiful green lawn in front of a house
Help Kick Inflation in the @$$!
Plant Amazoy Zoysia Grass!
TEXT: For a better lawn, start with a better grass!
Low maintenance Amazoy Zoysia saves lawn lovers money. With less mowing (slow growing), less watering (drought resistant), less fertilizing (once annually) and less weeding (crowds out summer weeds) year after year. A lawn that's lush and fights inflation!

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Now Two Great Ways
To Start Your Amazoy
Zoysia Lawn From Plugs

Image of 3 inch by 3 inch grass plug NEW Amazoy Super Plugs:
Precut ready to plant 3x3 inch plugs. Plant up to 24 inches apart.

Image of a 1 inch by 1 inch grass plug Freestyle Plugs:
Uncut sheets that produce up to 150 1-inch plugs, or make each plug bigger for faster fill-in.

What's right for me:
Plugs, Seed, or Sod?

What's special about
Zoysia Grass?
Is Amazoy really the
best Zoysia Grass?
How do I know Zoysia Grass
is right for my lawn?
Are plugs better
than seed?