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Amazoy endorsed Zoysia Seed

Zoysia Seed is a good alternative way to start a Zoysia lawn. Traditionally this has been the way large commercial and institutional projects have gotten the benefits of Zoysia grass without going through the expense of sod.

Today some homeowners want to take on this type of project as a way to have a Zoysia lawn. We are happy to help by offering what we believe to be the best seed for a home project, Zenith Zoysia seed. You will need about 2 pounds of Zoysia seed for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. You can stretch this to as much as 2,000 square feet, but the initial growth will appear less dense.

The main difference between plugs and seed is the need for a seed bed. Plugs can be planted into an existing lawn, and they will crowd out the weeds and grass currently there as they spread to create your new Zoysia lawn. Plugs also work much better on slopes. See our comparison chart for more details.

With seed, it is necessary to kill and clear all the grass and weeds growing currently with a non-selective herbicide. We offer Bonide KleenUP he as a great product for this purpose. Once any vegetation is dead, you must then clear and discard all the dead debris. The area should also be rototilled, to a depth of 4-8 inches, and made rake-level before the seed is spread.

Your order will include complete instructions with the steps required for a successful lawn. Zenith seed should only be planted once temperatures have warmed to above 70 degrees. The only other critical step is to keep the seed and ground moist while the seeds germinate, which requires careful attention in hot and windy conditions. Depending on your local growing conditions, seeds should start to germinate in 10 to 14 days.

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Our "Certified Fresh" Zenith Zoysia seed completely sold out in 2022 and 2023.
Year after year demand has exceeded supply and we anticipate a similar situation in 2024.

If Zoysia seed is part of your landscape plan please order early.
This will allow you to plan your project with confidence.

All pre-season orders will be shipped in early 2024 once supplies arrive.
Thereafter, orders will ship on a first come basis until our supply is exhausted.

Once supplies run out, we have no assurance of receiving any more in 2024.

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