Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Comparison of Plugs, Seed, and Sod

Comparison of Plugs, Seed, and Sod

This table summarizes the main trade-offs across the different ways you can achieve an Amazoy Zoysia lawn:

Type Cost Work Effort Key Benefit Hardest Part Time to a Complete Lawn Replacement Guarantee Cost Range (200-2,000
sq-ft lawn)
Additional Costs
Freestyle Plugs $ Easy
Plant in any existing lawn Cutting plugs 2-3 years Yes $30—$125 $40 (shears, plugger)
Super Plugs $$ Very Easy
(a day)
Plant in any existing lawn Making holes 1-2 years Yes $70—$450 $20 (plugger)
Seed $$ Medium
(2 weeks)
Convenience of spreading seed Removing old lawn,
preparing seed bed
1 year No $80—$320 $100+ (grass/weed killer, tiller rental, seed spreader, watering)
Sod $$$ Hard
(2 weeks)
Fastest Results Removing old lawn,
preparing sod bed
Immediate No $300—$1,300 $100++ (transportation for sod, grass/weed killer, tiller rental)
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