Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Planting Zoysia

Planting Zoysia

Planting Times

Ideal planting times vary greatly from region to region and year to year. Local weather conditions for planting in your area and here at our farm for harvesting grass are impossible to predict. Our regional Planting and Shipping Map has general information about the usual planting and shipping times to your area. Daily we review weather conditions and make our best judgments when to harvest and ship each order.

Plug Size

Amazoy Zoysia Freestyle Plugs are harvested in pieces of sod measuring approximately 10" by 15". Each piece contains up to 150 plugs, each 1 inch square, which you separate yourself using sharp garden shears. The freestyle part is you can make the plugs bigger if you want your lawn to fill in more quickly, or plant them closer together then one foot apart for even faster fill in. The best method for cutting plugs is to lightly dampen the soil and cut a strip of grass 1" (or more) wide and then cut across into individual plugs 1" (or more).

Super Plugs eliminate the cutting as they come precut as individual 3" by 3" plugs ready to plant. They arrive in easy-to-handle trays, with 15 Super Plugs in each tray. Super Plugs can be planted 6 inches to 24 inches apart.

Planting New Plugs

Easy Planting Instructions are included in every order shipped.
Here is a brief summary of the instructions:
  1. Mow your existing lawn as low as possible (if applicable).
  2. Be sure the ground is workable (is it moist enough for planting?).
  3. Determine your starting point and insert the Amazoy Auger in the ground to remove the established grass and make a hole for your zoysia plug.
  4. Put the zoysia plug in the hole and fill in around the edges with soil (see photo).
  5. Lightly tamp the plug into the ground with the heel of your foot or hand.
  6. Water lightly.
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Here's a short video on planting Amazoy plugs:

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Time to Fill In

If planted one 1-inch plug per square foot (the minimum we recommend), Amazoy zoysia can take two to three growing seasons to completely fill in, depending upon your climate. You may reduce the time it takes for zoysia to fill in by planting the plugs closer together. If plugs are planted every 6", the number of plugs needed would be 2 plugs per square foot of coverage desired, reducing the time to fill in by approximately 1/2. Use our convenient Plug Calculator to help determine how many plugs to order.

See our Planting Grid Diagrams for more details.

It is best to plant your plugs the same day they are received. However, if you are unable to plant your plugs upon receipt, you have about two weeks to get them into your soil assuming that you follow these instructions on maintaining your plugs.
  1. Take the plugs out of the box and their plastic packaging.
  2. Lay the plugs on a flat surface with the grass side facing up.
  3. Keep your plugs in an area that does not get direct sunlight.
  4. Keep your plugs lightly misted with water.

Fertilizing New Plugs

Widespread tests in many states, and with many thousands of lawn owners, have shown that Amazoy grass will grow in virtually any soil from heavy clays to sandy, salty beach areas. However, it is obvious that the better the nourishment and care of the grass while it is getting its foothold, the sooner you'll enjoy a lawn that stays beautiful with far less care and expense.

If you decide to fertilize your new plugs do NOT use ordinary, granular fertilizers. They can burn or cause serious damage. You must use a water-soluble fertilizer, such as our own Nutri-20, which has been specially formulated for use on zoysia.

In the important starting period, applications of Nutri-20 can do wonders. The poorer your soil, the better the results you will see with this balanced fertilizer. Apply Nutri-20 immediately after planting and every two weeks thereafter during the growing season.

Order enough for shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables; you'll love what it does for them too.

Watering Newly Planted Plugs

While your plugs get their start in their new home, they will need a light watering every day using a gentle mist for 10 to 15 minutes, not a heavy stream of water. Keep up daily watering for three weeks. After that, water according to weather conditions.

Our Moisture Meter helps to determine watering needs. Our Automatic Water Shut-Off helps to assure plugs receive the proper amount of water.

Moisture and Zoysia

For maximum growth, zoysia plug roots should not be saturated. After the lawn is established, little, if any, supplemental watering is necessary to maintain your lawn. Excessive watering will damage the root system.

Mowing New Plugs

Zoysia planted in bare soil should NOT be mowed for at least one month. After you clearly see new growth developing, cut the grass to about 1 1/2". After complete coverage, the lawn may be maintained at any height over 1/2", however, we suggest a healthy height of 1 1/2" to 3"

Your Newly Planted Zoysia Lawn

As a general rule, zoysia plugs do not require "special" care when first planted. However, in order to facilitate the growth and establishment of a good root system, excessive use and play should be kept to a minimum during the first 45 days after planting. It is also best to minimize the amount of time your pets spend on the plugs for at least the first month after planting.
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