Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Testimonials

Testimonials By Region

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New England/Northeast

Long Island, NY -- Great for kids
"Our family's front lawn was the neighborhood's favorite place for the kids to hang out and lay in the grass. To this day I still brag about how wonderful the lawn is once it takes over and fills in. It is just like carpet!" --D.K.
Long Island, NY -- Family dog can't harm it
"After the initial planting of the plugs, it took a few years for the plugs to really kick in. All the old grass got choked out and it seemed any type of bug didn't stand a chance ruining this lawn. Even the tough nails of our family dog couldn't harm this grass. This is very durable grass." --D.K.
New Bedford, MA -- Perfection in Three Years
"The first year it was looking good, the second year it looked great, and the third year, well no words can tell you how pleased I am. It is so thick, green. No bugs eat it and it gets thicker season after season. I live near the salt water and that doesn't stress the lawn at all. When I show people the grass, I tell them to feel way down to the roots and it feels like a matt under the grass -- not a single bare spot!" --J.G.
Dorchester, MA -- Nothing like zoysia
"We bought some plugs from you about a couple of years ago. We think there is nothing on the market that will touch them." --H.S.
Rowayton, CT -- Thrives in seaside lawns
"My home is on the shore of Long Island Sound and we frequently have storms and the water splashes against our wall and sloshes up over it on our lawn, which is zoysia grass. The salt water has no effect on this grass." --E.N.
MA -- Did what other grasses couldn't for 20 years
"Planted your Zoysia grass on our cemetery lot, and thus far have had wonderful results. I accomplished something in about two years that the cemetery and outside gardener failed to do in more than twenty years of their care." --W.S.
Waterbury, CT -- Thrives even after cold winter
"My father in-law purchased the 100 plugs about 3-4 years ago. I was very skeptical that the plugs would take to his lawn, for we live in an area of the country where the cold winter nights dip into the negative digits. But wouldn't you know it, his lawn is thriving and the grass is still spreading. I just placed an order for myself." --R.P.
New York -- Much admired
"Our lawn has been a wonder to folks for miles around. During the summer growing season countless people stop to admire it, and ring our bell to inquire how we do it." --A.H.
Bayside, NY -- Complete area now covered with thick grass
"I planted 100 Zoysia plugs I bought from you in two areas in our lawn which were subject to severe conditions and in which nothing had grown in the preceding 5 years. Although I was somewhat disappointed with the apparent slow rate of spreading of these plugs, I am happy to say that last summer and this spring both areas were completely covered with thick grass." --G.B.
New York -- Grew in poor soil
"Frankly I was a little doubtful when I ordered your zoysia grass, for one thing our Long Island soil is so poor I'd begun to think nothing would last in it. But my plugs took hold and spread into a lawn as even as our living room carpet. Crabgrass became no problem. Our lawn is mowed just about once a month. But best of all our zoysia lawn stays fresh and green no matter how hot and dry the weather. I like zoysia grass! It certainly was the correct answer for me!" --C.G.
Brooklyn, NY -- Neighbors purchased plugs
"Several years ago I purchased and developed your Zoysia grass plugs into a beautiful lawn. Several neighbors were so impressed by my lawn they have also purchased your grass plugs." --F.A..
Malvern, NY -- Very proud
"The Zoysia plugs which I purchased from you several years ago are coming along beautifully and I am very proud of my lawn." --J.O.
Great Neck, NY -- Admired
"I have many people stop and admire the way the zoysia is coming up and ask many questions as they are all getting interested in planting this type of lawn." --A.K.
Richmond Hill, NY -- Beautiful lawn
"We are very proud of the beautiful lawn that resulted from plugs purchased from you a few years ago." --W.L.
Garden City, NY -- Marvelous
"We received some grass from you five years ago and it is marvelous." --W.B.
New Hyde Park, NY -- Wonderful results
"I have been planting Meyer Z-52 zoysia plugs in my lawn each year in different areas, with wonderful results. I have received many compliments and can truthfully say you have received numerous orders from quite a few of my neighbors and friends who are quite pleased." --L.T.
North Valley Stream, NY -- Best in neighborhood
"Several years ago I purchased some zoysia from you and I am proud to say that the lawn is the envy of the neighborhood." --L.S.
Cheektowaga, NY -- Only the best survive. Top of the list
"In the mail order business only the best and quality companies survive and in my opinion, "Zoysia" is at the top of the list. What is especially satisfying is I won a few friendly wagers. It was in the opinion of some that I was taken in by some mail order, for lack of a better word, "scheme". You have gained the respect of many in our area." --R.S.
North Valley Stream, NY -- Best in neighborhood
"Several years ago I purchased some zoysia from you and I am proud to say that the lawn is the envy of the neighborhood." --L.S.
Central CT -- Aren't we all trying to help the Planet?
"My home of 22 years is in a very sandy area that is a haven for insects. I've tried just about every insecticide product and was ready to give up the battle. I started planting Zoysia about 8 years ago and have allowed it to spread. My 1/2 acre lawn is now about 50% Zoysia and about half free of grubs. The other 50% still requires insecticide. I look forward to this remaining half to be conquered by Zoysia and all insecticide to stop. After all aren't we all trying to help the Planet?" --B.L.
N. Tonawanda NY -- Extremely Pleased
"I've been extremely pleased with the results of your Amazoy Zoysia grass plugs and want to continue my efforts replacing my existing lawn. Here is my new order." --F.S.
Commack NY -- Great green lawn
"My family has been planting your zoysia on our properties for over 20 years. Ordering from you is easy and talk about bang for the buck...transplants easily, looks great, spreads out...most of our property is grass. Thanks for a great green lawn." --J.C.
West Harrison NY -- Fantastic
"This product is just fantastic. In the past I did my entire backyard and now the front. Hurry and send my order I want to get started." --F.K.
New Rochelle NY -- Needs little mowing
"I had a problem backyard. The zoysia I planted several years ago stands up to everything, even the shade from the trees. I really like the way zoysia spreads out from the center of each plant making a wide thick matt which needs little mowing." --K.S.
Lynbrook NY -- I went with a winner!
"I tried everything at my old house and then I saw an ad for your product. I tried it and it was all it said it would be. My lawn turned out great. I bought another home, had the same type of poor lawn (more weeds than grass) so I tried your grass again. Once again, I went with a winner." --F.A.
Worcester MA -- Behold there was a beautiful lawn
"I installed your plugs a few years ago. Didn't think they took, but one day my daughter said have you checked the lawn lately. Low and behold there was this beautiful lawn and when standing on it was this lush and soft lawn. I was amazed. It has been spreading all these years and now I am trying to have the whole side lawn with Zoysia. It is so dense. Your power auger works great but I still like the foot plugger." --M.C.
S. Glens Falls NY -- What a great investment!
"After 25 years I had to write you about your wonderful grass. We purchased the plugs to put around our pool. What a great investment! The grass is so thick and beautiful it is like a deep plush carpet. It greens up in the spring and turns bright and beautiful until fall. It also needs less cutting. Just wanted you to know how satisfied I am with your product. After 25 years the lawn still looks great." --L.H.
Suffield CT -- Hiding surface irregularities
"My Zoysia provides a thick cushion carpet hiding the surface irregularities, requires little maintenance and looks great during the warm weather in New England. I love the decrease in maintenance and the lack of weeds in my Zoysia lawn, which provides time for relaxation." --S.J.
Southern New Hampshire -- Beautiful addition to nature's beauty
"We recently had to dig up our yard for construction reasons. It was breaking our hearts because we are so proud of our Zoysia lawn. One of the workers saw me watering one of the patches they had dug up and told me the grass was dead and that I was wasting my time. "this is my Zoysia, just wait and see" Sure enough, here it is one month later and that patch of grass is growing beautifully with new green blades growing up through the old dead leaves; on iron filled soil to boot! My Husband and I absolutely love Zoysia grass. We will never be without this grass again. It's miracle grass!! Thank you for this beautiful addition to nature's beauty!" --R.B.
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