Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Why are plugs far better than seed?
"A few years ago we ordered some of your Zoysia grass plugs. We planted them as directed and the grass has grown to be very lush. It spreads slowly but surely." —G.W.
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Are plugs better than seed?

Amazoy zoysia plugs provide a growing, pre-rooted plant.

Our starter plants or plugs maintain consistent genetic attributes from the original Meyer Zoysia plants released by the Department of Agriculture. This ensures a uniform appearance and growth habit.

Grass seed, including Zoysia seed, is fragile and can be difficult to establish. Seeding and initial care must be performed during the warmest times of the year, when soil moisture levels are hard to control.

Extreme care must be used to keep the seed and seedlings from drying out and dying. This can be difficult in hot, sunny, dry, and windy conditions. Keeping the seeds moist is critical to Zoysia seed success in the early stages.

Amazoy Zoysia grass plugs with their established roots only need light daily watering for 10-15 minutes for the first three weeks and because they already have roots are stronger and more successful.

Plugs can be planted into an existing lawn while seed needs to be planted in a cleared bed area which has whatever grass or weeds were there removed, and the soil tilled, in preparation for the seed. Seeds are ideal for bigger projects (over 12,000 square feet) and for ones where a new lawn is needed more quickly than the 1-3 years plugs typically take. Here's a more complete comparison of ways to establish a beautiful Amazoy Zoysia lawn.

Here's a short video about Amazoy zoysia plugs:

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