Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Planting and Shipping Map

Planting and Shipping Map

Map of the United States color-coded by shipping region
Legend The following are tentative estimates only; actual ship dates vary significantly based on weather and field conditions, as well as weather conditions and other factors in each state. Products other than plugs are shipped throughout the year.
Region 1*: April, May, and August
Region 2: March through September
Region 3: Mid-March through September
Region 4: Late-March through September
Region 5: April through August
Region 6: No shipping into AK, HI, OR, or WA
Region 7: April through August
Region 8*: May and August
Region 9*: May and August

*Regions 1, 8, and 9 ship once per month
We do not ship outside of the Continental US, or into OR or WA.
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