How many plugs do I need to order?

Many of us have odd-shaped lawns. Follow these steps for an easy, approximate calculation of how many Amazoy® plugs you'll need.

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  1. Draw a simple outline of your lawn. Now think about how you can divide it roughly into a series of rectangles or squares to closely cover the area to be planted with Amazoy plugs.
    (Note: If your lawn is circular, triangular, or free-form in shape, click here for area formulas.)
  2. Measure out the lengths and widths of each of those areas.
  3. Plug those numbers in below, using only as many Length and Width blanks as you need.
  4. You also have to decide how closely you want to plant your plugs. We typically recommend a minimum of one every square foot, but if you want your zoysia grass to fill in faster, you can plant them closer together.

The calculator will figure your total square footage and the number of plugs to order.

Try the calculator now:

How many zoysia plugs per square foot:

What are the dimensions of your lawn (in feet)?

Area 1: Length= x Width=
Area 2: Length= x Width=
Area 3: Length= x Width=
Area 4: Length= x Width=
Area 5: Length= x Width=
Area 6: Length= x Width=
Area 7: Length= x Width=
Area 8: Length= x Width=

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