"Several years ago I purchased some Zoysia grass from you and my only regret is that I did not order more at the time. It has now grown into the most beautiful lawn in town." —G.H.
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How many plugs do I need to order?

We suggest you plant a minimum of one plug per square foot. Multiply the length times the width of the area to be planted to find the total square footage.

You may reduce the time it takes for the zoysia to fill in by planting the square plugs closer together. Planting the plugs every 6" requires 2 plugs per square foot of desired coverage. (Multiply your square footage by 2.)

Want some help figuring how many plugs you need? Find out with our convenient Plug Calculator.

Every Plug Guaranteed to Grow in Your Soil

We stand behind the Amazoy Plugs. Any Plug failing to grow and send up new green grass shoots within 45 days will be replaced free. Your order is backed by 6 decades of experience growing Amazoy Zoysia and helping homeowners grow beautiful Zoysia lawns.

Free Step-On Plugger

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With orders of 600 plugs or more!

  • Makes starting your Amazoy lawn much easier.
  • Cuts away unwanted growth as it digs holes for plugs.
  • Saves lots of bending, time and effort!
  • Use it later to make your own plugs for transplanting.
  • Automatically included.

Free Amazoy Power Auger™

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With orders of 1500 plugs or more!

  • The quickest and easiest way to start an Amazoy lawn.
  • Use our special, heavy duty steel auger to speed-up plug (and bulb) planting by 500%.
  • Ideal for clay and soil with pebbles, even sandy soils.
  • It fits any 3/8" household power drill.
  • The surface is coated for long lasting rust protection.
  • Approximately 3" in length.
  • Automatically included.

Is there a maximum order quantity?

Because of the popularity of Amazoy and the amount of zoysia available for harvest, we must limit the maximum plug order to 14,400 plugs for any customer at one time. Additional orders are possible after the previous planting is successful and if additional inventory is available.

When will my credit card be processed?

We only charge your credit card upon shipment of your order.

If you place your order using a debit card, the funds will be "allocated" for your purchase. If the order is not shipped within 10 business days, the "allocation" will be released and your card will be charged upon shipment of your order.

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X 500 + 100 + FREE Step-On Plugger $84.00 $45.60 + $7.00 38%
X 750 + 150 + FREE Step-On Plugger $128.00 $74.50 + $10.00
X 1100 + 400 + FREE Amazoy Power Auger $220.00 $99.10 + $15.00
X 1500 + 900 + FREE Amazoy Power Auger
AND FREE Step-On Plugger
$355.00 $147.50 + $25.00
X Extra Step-On Plugger $8.95 + $3.00  
X Extra Amazoy Power Auger $24.95 + $5.00  
X Extra Amazoy Stand-Up Auger $34.95 + $5.00  

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