TEXT: Start Enjoying the Benefits of Zoysia!
  • Needs far less water than other grasses
  • Thrives in blistering heat and survives the coldest winters
  • Excellent for slopes, play areas & tough conditions
  • Reduces mowing to once a month or less
  • Chokes out weeds & replaces other grasses
  • Cuts costs and chemicals & naturally resists insects
  • Grows incredibly thick, like a soft carpet
Image of a beautiful green lawn in front of a house
Save Time on Seeding, Watering, and Weeding!
TEXT: For a better lawn, start with a better grass!
If you're tired of seeding, watering, fertilizing & working all season long to stay ahead of weeds and crabgrass, it's time to consider zoysia. Once you've planted our Amazoy zoysia grass in a new or existing lawn, you'll be rewarded by a lawn that is lush and low maintenance!

Two Great Ways
To Start Your
Amazoy Zoysia Lawn

Image of 3 inch by 3 inch grass plug NEW Amazoy Super Plugs:
Precut ready-to-plant 3x3 inch plugs which can be planted up to 24 inches apart.

Image of a 1 inch by 1 inch grass plug Freestyle Plugs:
Shipped as sheets that produce up to 150 1-inch square plugs after cutting, or make each plug bigger for faster fill-in. You decide how big to make each plug, and how far apart to plant them.

What's special about
Zoysia Grass?
Is Amazoy really the
best Zoysia?
How do I know Zoysia
is right for my lawn?
Why are "plugs" far
better than seed?