"A few years ago we ordered some of your Zoysia grass plugs. We planted them as directed and the grass has grown to be very lush. It spreads slowly but surely." —G.W.
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Why are "plugs" far better than seed?

Amazoy zoysia plugs provide a growing, pre-rooted plant. Our vegetatively propagated plants maintain consistent genetic attributes from the original Meyer zoysia plants released by the Department of Agriculture. This ensures a uniform appearance and growth habit.

Zoysia seed is very fragile and can be difficult to establish. Seeding and seedling care must be done during the warmest times of the year when soil moisture levels are hard to control. Extreme vigilance must be used to keep the seed and seedlings from drying out. During establishment, numerous waterings (approximately 339 gallons of water or irrigation per acre or 1/8 inch of rainfall each day) may be required to prevent the slow growing roots from drying out and dying. Amazoy zoysia grass plugs only need daily watering of 10-15 minutes for the first three weeks only.

Zoysia seed is known for its low germination rate and tends to be more expensive than other grass seed varieties. The combination of these factors makes it less economical.

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Zoysia seed requires soil temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit while Amazoy plugs may be planted when soil temperatures are 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Seed is also very sensitive to light and must be planted at a proper depth to ensure it gets just the right amount of sunlight needed to grow.

Some zoysia seed, particularly Meyer, is known not to maintain genetic uniformity. This means the plants produced from seed may look variable in leaf width, leaf height and overall appearance. The growth habits may also be different throughout the area so there is no certainty that the plants will look the same as one another or perform the same. Amazoy zoysia plugs have uniform appearance and growth habit.

Most new zoysia seeds have been developed for smaller leaf widths and faster growth. Faster growth results in more mowing. When these attributes are achieved, often other characteristics, particularly winter hardiness, are compromised. Only time will tell what other genetic properties like heat tolerance, have been compromised.

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Our 50 plus years of experience with Amazoy zoysia plugs have shown us that plugs are definitely more successful than planting zoysia seed. Seed is more suited to golf course and landscape professionals that have the time to devote to nurturing seed. As such we only sell Amazoy zoysia plugs.
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