Zoysia Farm Nurseries: Measuring Odd Shaped Lawns

Measuring Odd Shaped Lawns

Use any of the following formulas to meet your yard design or layout. We recommend planting a minimum of one plug per square foot.

image of a circle with radius r
A = 3.14 x r2
Example: Circle's radius (r) is 10 feet. Multiply the constant 3.14 by the radius squared.

Area = 3.14 x 102
Area = 3.14 x 100
Area = 314 square feet
image of a triangle with base b and height h
A = (b x h) ÷ 2
Example: Triangle's base (b) is 10 feet and the height (h) from base to point is 20 feet.

Area = (10 x 20) ÷ 2
Area = 200 ÷ 2
Area = 100 square feet
Combination Free-Form
image of a free-form shape
Break the free-form shape down to simple forms, then calculate each form's area. Once each area is calculated, add the areas together to yield the total area.
Breakdown to Simple Shapes
image of a free-form shape, broken into simple shapes
  1. Circle (A = 3.14 x r2)
  2. Rectangle (A = b x h)
  3. Square (A = b x h)
(As a rule, it is wise to add an additional 10% to cover estimation and measuring error for a free form lawn.)
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